Oh hi. Most of you already know me. Many of you know what’s happening in my life because I talk to you on a daily basis (hi, Mom!). (But I’m always incredibly pleased to talk about myself so you can be sure I will be shouting my plans for as long as people will listen). However, not everyone knows how I got here.

I started a degree in International Affairs at a university in Washington, DC, not really certain what I wanted to do. I wasn’t really into politics, or economics, or development. But it wasn’t until I had an internship in the field of international education that I realized what I enjoyed doing had a name, jobs, and even specific coursework and advanced degrees! It set my little heart on fire.

So, I went on to get my Master’s in International Education, where I got to take courses like Comparative Solutions to Common Educational Problems and Issues in Study Abroad, loving every minute of it. I’ve followed the siren call of international education to the world of study abroad and eagerly look forward to learning more. That siren call led me from DC to work in London to personal and life-affirming travel in Southeast and East Asia and now to Boston, where I am putting my life together again after a year of being a vagabond in multiple countries and hemispheres.

The most important facts about me: I’m a twenty-something female. I love birthday cake (regular cake is #2, but there’s something about the happiness and candle wax on birthday cakes that speaks to me). I love inserting pop culture references into everyday conversation, although I don’t know how much other people love that. And I love traveling. Almost as much as I love birthday cake.

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