Snapshots: Opsail 2012

I’ve already proudly proclaimed how I call America’s First Region home, but one of the greatest benefits is undoubtedly the mix of history, a dynamically changing military area, and the incredible location. Growing up next to the water (whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay, or one of the ten million rivers around) has strangely NOT made me more comfortable with putting my head under water, but I do enjoy a nice chaste ankle-dip.

This is all just a painful introduction into the main event – Opsail 2012 AKA the tall ships! According to The Wikipedia, it’s a series of sailing celebrations where vessels from around the world stop in different ports in a giant parade of worldwide peace and cooperation. Literally the only thing I knew was what my father kept saying: “It’s the tall ships!”

This year the celebration popped into Norfolk with a War of 1812 theme, meaning we had folks in Regency dress wandering around the streets (my parents live literally next to the harbor and where the main festival took place), which I feel added a nice festive air to everything.

Behold! My pictures!

During the “Parade of Ships” – this was a representative from another country but clearly I have totally forgotten where.

Wandering the harbor and taking in the sails

Part of the 19th century wonderment!

My parent’s house. No big deal. HA just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome?
Post-dinner sunset walk

Views like this are why you gotta love living next to the water. 
And a fireworks show to finish it out.

And now, I am headed home to this: