Austen Through The Ages

There may be no other author more (over?)represented in modern culture than Jane Austen. For someone who wrote only six novels (plus a few other novellas, etc), that b is everywhere you turn. In honor of the lady whose birthday is next month (honestly, I just came up with a flimsy excuse to post this now), let’s dive into my favorite representations of Jane Austen in modern day! In book, movie, and vlog format.

Kicking it off with my inspiration: one of the books I read in October.


First & Then (Emma Mills), Book #107 of 2016


On a scale of 1 to 5 Darcys, I give this 4 Colin Firths in wet shirts.

#FirstFifty Synopis

Devon is starting her senior year of high school, maintaining her obsession with her best friend/massive crush Cas while adjusting to her 14-year-old cousin Foster living with her and her family. Turns out she and Foster share gym class with one Ezra, who is the All-American, aloof football star at her high school no one seems to no. Also turns out Foster is a genius when it comes to kicking footballs, and that Ezra may not be as aloof as he initially seemed…





Hoo, boy!

Bride and Prejudice

Bollywood movie version of Pride and Prejudice. Need I say more? If you want awesome dance sequences, silly songs, and Alexis Bledel as an awkward Georgina, look no further!


Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Potentially one of my top-five favorite Austens, the LBD is a Webseries that sets Pride and Prejudice in modern-day California, with Lizzie serving as a vlogger detailing her life. Stretching over 100 episodes (and some bonus eps!) these 5-minute videos are a delightful representation of the novel and do such a lovely job at bringing it to modern-day life. I LOVE IT.



One I DID NOT like and strongly do not recommend: Eligible. I read it this summer and can’t believe how much I didn’t like it, especially considering how many people did like it (including professional reviewers!). I found it sloppy, uninteresting, and really choppy. The author also felt the need to insert so many “hot topics” that it was overwhelming. Transphobia, racism, anorexia. All important topics but piled on top of each other, and barely addressed at all. With so many other delightful interpretations of Pride and Prejudice out in the world, don’t waste your time on this!



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