The BuffBoyfriend, Part 1

In other, non-reader, parts of my life, I tend to act like any other warm-blooded freedom-loving American and consume television to a large degree. In fact, as I write this, I’m watching The Great British Bake-Off! (Not very warm-blooded American of me to admit, I must say).

And one of the best shows ever on television and one of my all-time favorite shows? Why, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, of course!

If you need a capstone project from me as to why Buffy is such a magnificent show, I’m free literally all the time. Just suffice to say for now that it’s an amazing piece of television and everyone should watch it.


After waiting anxiously for my lovely gentleman to finally trust me enough to recommend our next show, I convinced him to watch the series (only took two years of dating!). Alas, so far NOT so good. As any Buffy fan will admit, the first season is… rough. It’s SO 90s, and a lot of it is really silly. But he promised to stick it out to the end of Season 3, and honestly if he doesn’t like it after that point there’s just no reason for us to stay together.

As we are watching the series together, my clever plan is to secretly track his impressions, comments, and plop it here for everyone to see! Jury’s out if I will tell him about this beforehand or not.

And so… the BuffBoyfriend Season 1 Impressions Roundup!

HIM: *general sleepy expression*

HIM: *casually scrolling through Amazon when I’m not looking*

HIM: *snort-chuckle* I’m sorry, the story is really good, but this dramatic music is not.

HIM: Wait, how come she’s not a vampire if the Master bit her? ME: Because to become a vampire, they have to suck almost all of your blood and you have to drink almost all of their blood. HIM: …What? How would you even do that? ME: This is just so easy to understand. COME ON.

A few minutes later

HIM: So why didn’t the Master just make sure she was actually dead before he left? ME: Because he had to do the super villain thing and be overly confident that he killed the hero instead of taking two seconds to check. Plus, then we wouldn’t have six more seasons.



AAAND that about wraps it up for BuffBoyfriend, S1. He has been incredibly patient and open-minded so far, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I can bring him over to the side of Buff come S2.



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