The Next 100

Oh, HELLO. How nice to see you. You look great!

Keen observers of my life (my mom) will notice I went a giant two and a half years between posting. Let me take you back to 2013 – a time when Donald Trump was still just a reality TV star and sometimes-businessman, when Mad Men was still on the air, when the most culturally relevant thing about Hamilton was his reference in that Lazy Sunday viral video. That was also the last time lil’ ole Kristen posted on this blog. I had big dreams and stars in my eyes about documenting my explorations about Boston, my adopted hometown, but then Life Happened and I forgot.

Fast forward two and a half years – I have a different job (thank God), a new apartment (woohoo!), a gentleman caller, and – most importantly – JetBlue Mosaic status. That’s right, peons – allow me to board first and enjoy abundant overhead space!

Your queen also had a little bit of sadness in her heart, though. Even with all the wonderful things in my life, I felt like I needed a little something on the side to keep my brain moving, my wits sharp, and ensure I didn’t just redo the same routine day-by-day.

But how to scratch that creative itch? Despite my many, many attempts at Paint Bar, I must sadly admit I am not an artist. I can play the violin, but my work travel schedule makes it hard to commit to a group. The one thing I really do is read.

And so, the Cutthroat Reader is born (but it’s going to live under K10 Explores, because I’m far too lazy to create a new blog). I’m about to hit quite a lofty achievement – 100 books read in 2016! For #thenext100, I wanted to be more creative in how I pick, review, and recommend books. And so, a mingling of gimmicks. First, I’m going to pick books with more diversity – of subject, author, and location. I have a whole way of picking but I’ll tell you later, if I feel like it.

Secondly, I’m going to be CUTTHROAT. A book has a mere 50 pages to impress me (or 10% if it’s less than 300 pages). If I’m not into it, DONE. But I’ll still review it anyway, and probably (hopefully) be hilarious about it.

So, there you go. Read this or don’t, I don’t particularly care either way. But I shall read, and I shall write, and I shall find my side passion. Fin. 


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