Livin’ it up at… LAX

Working in the field of international education means you inevitably get to do some super cool sounding international business trips (in many ways, I am international business traveler Regina Phalange). Of course, I haven’t really done any of those yet, putting aside that time I got paid to live and work in London, which was pretty nice of them.

My most recent foray? To LAX. Not to LA, per se – I literally spent twelve hours in LAX (and didn’t see a SINGLE CELEBRITY. Not worth it. But I was mistaken for an airport employee seven times, which is what you get for wearing an employer-issued polo. Seriously, one woman came up to me and was all, “Do you work here?” Me, super nice and smiley: “No, I’m sorry, I don’t.” Her: “Okay well do you know where the Fiji Airlines counter is?” Me: “I’m so sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know.” Her: *stares at me accusingly for a long time, hating me for not knowing something about a place that is not my place of employment*).

In my whirlwind 45-hour trip to the worst coast, I did get to see a tiny tidbit of LA. I have a pretty hate-hate relationship with California, since the one and only time I’ve been there (minus that period when I was a wee one living in the OC for a year), I contracted pneumonia, fainted in the plane on the way back, and then was sick for three weeks. Let it be known I contracted pneumonia in August. I also snobbishly think that if I’m gonna be in the air that long, I might as well be flying to another country. Amirite?!

1-photo (36)

Putting aside my unfounded and rude prejudice of California, I did have some delightful experiences outside of the airport and the airport hotel. A quick bus ride found us down on the Santa Monica pier (tourists and OWNING IT), where I exclaimed no fewer than five times, “You know, Raise Your Voice filmed a scene here. Do you want to watch it later? Actually, no need, I’ll just recite the scene from memory.” It was actually pretty lovely to soak in the setting sun while standing in the surf and enjoying the crowds around us.

1-photo (35)

Even more enjoyable was popping into an amazing Mexican place and ordering far too many chips. Choriqueso, you guys. Best thing to happen to me. Despite not seeing any celebrities and spending more time in the airport/the air than I spent in the city, I gotta say, there are worst ways to spend a Wednesday evening.

photo (38)


One thought on “Livin’ it up at… LAX

  1. It looks like you are holding up whatever that thing is with the spiky ball. And you look adorable in the California surf.

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