Grounded in Paradise

After a week, I had just about reached the point where I was over just relaxing on the beach and was ready to do some more exploration of the island, as I have another week here. Of course, about one hour after making this decision I was crushed under a motorbike and effectively grounded. (While my injuries are thankfully [hopefully] superficial, they’re conveniently in places where it makes it painful to walk for too long and impossible to ride a bicycle or even run, given the dastardly one on my knee). I could take a tuk-tuk, but frankly I’m cheap and didn’t really even have a specific destination in mind.

So what is a girl supposed to do? Why, finally walk the length of the beach and take really crappy pictures on her really crappy iPhone, of course!
I also answered your prayers by shooting a VIDEO of my feet surrounded by a bunch of fish. I KNOW! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?! Try to rein in that excitement, folks. I also have a pair of sunglasses dangling from my mouth, hence the weird talking.
Turns out I pushed my poor leg a bit too much on said walk, as the next day I had a bit of pain and needed to stay closer to home. And so, the day was spent alternating between the following two places.
I also spent a lot of time – I mean, a lot – taking pictures of my wounds and peering at them anxiously with a flashlight in an attempt to determine if they were getting worse/better. (Don’t worry, I already anxiously confided in someone my amputation fears, so I’ll spare you).
But I won’t spare you a picture of my leg two days later! Medical professionals – should I be grabbing a Sharpie and writing “DO NOT AMPUTATE THIS LEG” on the left and “AMPUTATE THIS” on the right?

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