Driving in Thailand – and why I’m never doing it again

As part of my resolution to be a Yes Girl in 2013, after about a week in Koh Lanta, Thailand I decided it was high time to get off the patch of beach I had been on and actually explore the island. The best way to do that? By motorbike, of course!

Approximately 3 minutes after talking to my friend at the front desk, I was greeted by two Thai entrepreneurs, a shiny red motorbike, and a helmet. My “driving lesson” was completely laughable – after showing me how to turn it on (which I completely forgot and later had to ask the woman at the gas station how to do it) and indicating that throttling the handle gives it gas, the lads were off. But not before asking me to give them a few minutes head start so I wouldn’t crash in to them. Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.

Well, shocker to everyone, but it turns out their distrust in my abilities was completely accurate. At first it was fine – I was zooming along, loving the wind in my face. As I drove past tiny villages and tree-lined streets with the jungle in the distance and the ocean on my side, I was pretty darn pleased with how cool I was.

And then… the incident. The first time I had to make a true, actual right turn (p.s. they drive on the left side of the road here), I completely ate it and skidded into the ground. It hurt. I cried.

I now have a pretty awesome road burn goin’ on down my leg, as well as a bruise/cuts on my knee (incidentally, the cuts are EXACTLY over where I already have scars. So will I have scarred scars? Also, that’s the name of my new single that I’m going to drop soon, y’all).

(And before people [Mom] freak out – I’m totally fine, and the injury is what I would have if I were riding a bike or even just walking and I tripped, since I was going about 1 mph at the time)

I reluctantly got back on the bike (no other option, really), and shakily drove back to my bungalow. But rather than let the bike WIN, after cleaning myself up I hopped back on to get lunch, make a 7-11 food run… and then immediately turn the keys back in and swear to never drive one again. I’d rather use a regular ol’ bike or my barking dogs.

The nice part of the day, even if my leg is very sore right now – there are a lot of nice people around, you guys. The woman at the front desk greets me with a “HELLLOO!!!” every time she sees me, like we’re best friends that haven’t seen each other for five years, and it makes me really happy every time. When I crashed, a passing motorbike with American gals immediately stopped to make sure I was okay, and a Thai gentleman rushed over to help me get the mirror back on (shhh don’t tell the guys who rented it to me…).

After my harrowing adventure, I had to comfort myself the best ways I know how:

Cuddling with a kitty…

Watching the sun set…
And now I’m going to eat cereal for dinner. Koko Krunch, to be specific. And… a chocolate muffin.

3 thoughts on “Driving in Thailand – and why I’m never doing it again

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