The Devolution to Dirty Backpacker

It happened faster than I thought.

Despite all the things I had read about backpackers tending to be ratty hippies traipsing around the continent, I figured I would stay around my status quo. I’ve never been a filthy gal, but I’ve never been particularly fancy either. I may only do laundry whenever my undapants (UNDAPANTS) run out, but I put on my face in the morning and brush my hair and if something is really wrinkly I’ll put it in the bathroom for ten minutes in the hopes that the steam will smooth it out. (Spoilers: usually doesn’t really work. But then I convince myself that since I’ll be sitting going to X place anyway, there’s not really a point.)

So, I figured when I started living out of a backpack for a few months, I might look slightly unkept but probably no worse than usual. I wasn’t counting on a couple of major things: my mindset and the weather.

First off, I know it’s all snowy or whatever where you are (probably) but I just gotta say it’s hot here. Really hot. Like, DC in the summer hot, except with 85% less air-conditioned places. The first day, I didn’t bother to put on any makeup because I was so tired. The second day, I knew there was no point because I would be sweating within 5 minutes of walking outside anyway.

Secondly, my mindset. A girl’s gotta face the facts: I know literally no one here, and no one cares about me. With that attitude, who cares what I look like?

… or smell like? Yes, my friends. I am ashamed (but not really) to admit that I’ve decided on the following clothes rotations: wear the same outfit every day until it starts to smell. I’m figuring I will average about three days per outfit before I move on to the next. That third day is mighty smelly.

Let’s get a photographic representation of what I mean. And yes, my hair will permanently be like that from here on out. It’s just easier and cooler.

One of my first outings – I foolishly didn’t even bring sunglasses. Or wear sunscreen, which means I now have a sunburn necklace around my shirtline. Very attractive.

I wised up the next time around, bringing my sunglasses (but didn’t notice the burn yet). I want to point out that after I took of my backpack and purse (god I’m an attractive tourist) I had a really fantastic collection of sweat pools going on.

Finally, my outfit of choice. Awesome New Orleans hat. Sunglasses. Water. I am ready to conquer.

So now that you know how smelly and filthy I am… who wants to join me?!


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