Delta actually pulled through! Or, the time(s) I passed out on a plane

I don’t have the world’s best track record for health. It’s not that I’m unhealthy, perse (and thankfully), it’s more than I blow up little things into MASSIVE EVENTS!

Given the fact that I had been stressed, tired, and not eating well, I suppose it was a given that I passed out on my plane going over to Thailand. (Technically, this happened on the plane going over to Seoul). Unfortunately…. this is not the first time this has happened to me. Because I’m the worst.

And now, I shall regale you with the Stories of Airplane Faints.

Let’s go back four and a half years… 

To the summer of 2008, when I flew out to San Francisco to visit a friend. Unfortunately, it seems that I caught pneumonia on the plane ride over, as I got steadily more and more sick throughout the visit. When I boarded the plane to go back to DC, I was running a fever of 102, barely eating, and about ready to crawl under the covers and call it quits.

Unluckily for the others on my flights (P.S. sorry for contaminating you), my body wasn’t ready to let me go gently into the night. I lasted the five hours just fine; however, when we had to stand up to deplane, my illness, the heat, and having to stand for a while took over. Next thing I know, I’ve landed in someone’s lap after having fainted and fallen over sidewise.

On the bright side, I did get to leave the plane in a special little airplane wheelchair, which was fun. Plus I did eventually get better. Although not before reading the last Twilight book (no shame) while I was feverish and then having a delirium-laced dream that night. It got scary.

And more recently… last night/the night before? (I have lost all concept of time.)

This time around, I was fairly healthy for my long-haul (30 hours in transit) ride to Bangkok. I just forgot that little thing where one should probably A) Be well rested B) Eat and C) DRINK WATER.

I was too wound up my last night in Virginia to sleep much and woke up, bleary eyed, for my 7.15am flight with only about two hours of sleep under my belt. I fairly quickly got tired of the airplane food and ate sparingly. Most tragically, I completed dehydrated myself.

In retrospect I’m fairly certain this is what did it. About 10 hours into my 13 hours flight to Seoul, I woke up from a plane nap and strolled to the bathroom feelin’ just dandy. In the middle of my primping, I suddenly felt faint and had to immediately sit on the toilet with my head between my legs. Somewhere within my tunnel-vision focus I realized I needed water and fast. Cue my stumbling back through coach class to reach the little flight attendant area in the back, crashing into the people on the aisles because I couldn’t really see. I asked the scrum of ladies for water and immediately crashed to the ground, which was actually pretty exciting on my part, I think. I also got totally pampered by the attendants; besides giving me about 15 glasses of water, whenever I tried to get up they all shouted NO and grabbed me to keep sitting down on the floor. One even remained down there with me until I felt (and, I presume, looked) better. Thank you, Delta!

So there you go. The two times I have fainted on planes. Here’s hoping there isn’t a third! And here’s hoping I have a more successful time in Thailand than the plane ride would suggest…


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