Luck and Gratitude

After all the negativity I was spewing in my last blog post (hey, that’s the point of a blog – open area for complaining!), I thought it was important to follow it up with something highlighting that I do feel positively here as well!

As someone who pretty much lives on the Internet (don’t all we Millennials do that?) I was happy to come across this Thought Catalog article, thinking it would be an interesting read for someone about to/kinda currently traveling the world.

There are definitely parts I agree with: you gotta hate those jerks who are all, I’m 25,687 times better than you because I’ve seen more things and done more traveling and had all these life-changing experiences. But you know what? Travel CAN be a life-changing or at least mildly life-altering experience for the person, depending on what part of their life they want to adjust and how travel accomplishes that.

It’s not that I seek the become a better person by traveling the world, but I do seek to be brave while keeping calm, in whatever circumstances I can. Sometimes that is doing something “normal” within my “normal life:” going to a conference for work. Going out on a night I would rather stay in, with people I don’t know too well. Travel is just another piece of that which allow me to step out of my comfort zone.

The top emotion I feel whenever I am traveling and see a supposed life-altering site is gratitude. Gratitude that I am able to do this, when 50 years ago it would be unusual for a solo woman, 100 years ago technologically difficult to do, 200 years ago it was all just chaos (obviously). Even though I have worked hard to achieve this (NOT TO BRAG OR ANYTHING), there were a lot of factors in my life and in my culture allowing me to reach this point.

And so I take a deep breath and thank my lucky stars that I live now in my life and I have the opportunity to be brave. I have the opportunity to see things as close by as a relative’s backyard:

Or as wider example of what’s in your “backyard” – that just so happens to be overlooking France:

Or the place that was the so-called “dream destination” for so long and suddenly became incredibly attainable – twice:
Or even the place that you longed to leave and now have a slight twinge inside to return:

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