A Tale of Three Mondays

Monday, August 6: Boston
Monday, August 13: Norfolk
Monday, 20 August: London (see what I did there?! I am SO. CLEVER.)

Three Mondays in a row, three completely different locations, and three completely different lives.

Boston: an old American city, where I spent the month prior exploring what I tentatively hope will be my future home. When I started the job search process, I decided to focus on Boston for three important reasons: It has a market overflowing with universities (my place of employment), with many universities in the same market-basket as previous institutions for which I have worked. I have many friends and family who live in the city or nearby, providing a ready-built support system.

Most importantly, I look really good in winter apparel. I said this in a job interview and I swear to God that was what got me to the second round.

While I may have gotten a position at a Boston university, said position is (as we all know) in London. So I was just in Boston for training.

My first Monday saw me visiting with friends, new and old, and taking a long walk through downtown Boston. Will I be back? Oh, that I could tell you…

Norfolk: an older American city, my kinda-hometown (Hampton Roadsians know that you can call basically any of the cities in the ol’ HR home), location of Kevin and Margaret, those old such-and-suches, and where I keep the majority of my clothes.

A beautiful place, a wonderful home filled with friends and family, but ultimately not my last stop.

My second Monday was more pragmatic: running errands, engaging in a packing crisis, and anticipating my upcoming life crisis (as I write this, on the second Monday, I’m just counting down the hours until I scream WHAT AM I DOING?! WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?!)

London: and now we’ve reached my third Monday. What will this day hold? I know that I’ll have been in London for almost a week already, and be wildly preparing for student arrival in two days. But after that? As with so many other things I keep babbling on about… total mystery.

But you know what? Even as I write this, I feel a little better – when I was trying to find a London picture to use, I found this one from last summer with the caption: “London… I’m coming back for you. THAT’S A THREAT AND A PROMISE.” So… here I come!

Even as I transition from place to place with only the faintest idea of what I’m doing, I got my homies (and more accurately, my adorable nephew and a very confused looking cat) on my side.


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