Kristen McCarthy, Harvard Graduate

I’ve already talked about how I suffer from “what if” syndrome (as in, what if I had gone to X university? Lived in X place? How would my life be different?). I think this kicks into overload when I’m wandering around those “prestigious” universities like Harvard. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it?).

I cannot recall a SINGLE moment in my childhood in which I had a desire to attend Harvard, but now I wonder – what if I had applied? What if I had GONE? I would probably be a doctor by now. Yes, at 24.

My pal Lauren and I engaged in this discussion when we were wandering around Cambridge today after a delicious diner lunch. (Side note: the bathroom in this diner was THROUGH the kitchen, down a flight of rickety stairs to the basement that guest starred in every person’s nightmare and was featured in a few horror movies.) The whole concept of applying to the Ivies just wasn’t even part of our lives, and we wondered if that’s due to the fact that we didn’t grow up in New England and just weren’t part of that whole private school, golf course, school uniform life.

Even though I never actually attended Harvard, I am proud to announce that I have now gotten lost there so many times (i.e. two) that I know my way around! Today I was just bounding around the streets, instinctively turning at the right corners, knowing where I can go to get water. I think that means I can call myself a graduate of Harvard.

Most importantly, I got the chance to sit outside and enjoy the area – from chess-playing men to views of the river.

(However, I’ve also learned why I am NOT a graduate of Harvard – because it took me three tries to spell “chess” correctly. “Okay, no, c-h-e-s-e doesn’t look correct, c-h-e-e-s-e is cheese…”)

It’s okay. ANNIE STILL LOVES ME! Cat picture!

2 thoughts on “Kristen McCarthy, Harvard Graduate

  1. no more! Now you can be a Harvard graduate! Many colleges today especially the "Ivies" are offering their courses as open course ware. You can get all the content and none of the responsibility (or the grades) WHAT! No Grades you scream! Calm down, just remember it is an option!I have those what if scenarios float through my head on occasion as well, just remember what if means leaving everything that is behind because if you change one thing you just might change everything—that is usually enough to stop me in my tracks and have me count my blessings for what I have.

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